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August 16, 2013
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HMLS : Lilianne Valery by DeYuri HMLS : Lilianne Valery by DeYuri


• Name: LILIANNE VALERY ( LIL-ee-ən və-LER-ee )

• Nickname: Lily

• Age: 16

• Position: Viciu of area III, France

• Magus Tattoo Location : Back

• Your Real Life Job: Student

• Gender: Female

• Weapon: Twin Daggers

• Abilities:

:bulletred: Placebo
Conjure any edible items into having cure/healing effects for both physical and psychological condition. However, the effectiveness depends on consumer’s willpower.

:bulletred: Reflections
Create mirror image from human or object in her surrounding that lasts for while.

:bulletred: Fortuna
Turns her into a lucky bastard Increase her luck for short time.

:bulletred: Telekinesis
The ability to move objects without touching it.
:: This is the first ability she’s conscious about, and surprisingly is the hardest for her to master. She’s still learning and is afraid to use it openly. ::

• History:
Lily was raised at an orphanage in one of a remote town without knowing her real parents and story, nor she had any memory of her past. She spent her days happily with her “brothers” and “sisters”, cared little about future. No matter how much she desired for a normal life (which she defined as having parents and siblings, living in a warm house in a beautiful neighborhood, going to school looking for a boyfriend, and such), she’s satisfied with her life at the orphanage, she really loved everyone in there and decided that for that time they’re her main reason to live.

One day a plague hit the town. Almost everyone got sick and the people at orphanage were dying. Didn’t affected by the disease, Lily took care of them. Everyone she took care of was getting better while other people in the town weren’t; this triggered a rumor that she had a strange healing ability. Even though Lily didn’t understand this baseless rumor—because she didn’t do anything special—she still took care of everyone who came to her to get cured. Despite the exhaustion she got in the process, she was happy to think that she was useful for a lot of people.

One of her orphan friend, derived by jealousy of Lily’s raising popularity, questioned the fact that she wasn’t affected by the disease and was able to cure it. Supported by another orphan’s testimony that Lily had a strange mark on her body, he accused her of being a witch and real mastermind behind the plague in front of townspeople. Tired and confused, suddenly Lily’s telekinesis ability exploded and created chaos in the area, everyone was scared, even her orphan friends screamed and yelled at her. Lily was so scared of herself and she couldn’t control it. It was the head of orphanage who calmed her and protected her from the crowd. She privately examined Lily and found the last quarter moon mark on her back, it was the first time Lily learned about her tattoo. The head of orphanage told her that she couldn’t stay there any longer because the townspeople will hunt her down sooner or later. Lily realized that she had to leave, not only because she’s no longer accepted there but also because she can hurt people. Lily could never forget the words of the head of orphanage when she sent her away with sad looks. ”It’s such a pity, Lily. Why can’t you just be a normal person?”

Not long after she was stranded, she met Fraser. She then learned that there are also people with abilities like her and that they also got bitter experience because of it. Lily was grateful that Fraser took her as his viciu, she now has the chance to recover her life and to learn more about her people and her own self.

• Personality:
Friendly and cheerful most of the time, she never takes anything too seriously. For her, present is the most important thing because she dislikes her past and not sure about her future. She can easily makes friends and treasure them. However, due to her unpleasant experience, she can never really believe in people for she think that each people will eventually hurt others one way and another.

• Extras:
:bulletred: H/W : 1.6m / 48kg.

:bulletred: She’s addicted to sweets. She loves everything sweet and claims the need of having her daily sugar dosage fulfilled or she won’t be able to function normally—which is only a joke.

:bulletred: If she’s attached to you she’ll try make you eat a lot of sweets, it’s her way to show that she likes you.

:bulletred: Likes cute and colorful things.

:bulletred: Secretly looks up to people who looks smart (in her definition : wearing glasses)—because she’s not that smart.

:bulletred: The yellow part of her hair is actually a clip-on.

:bulletred: -tba-

• Relationship: -tba-

• Quote: “Think twice, it might save you from regret later.”


art, character (c) :icondeyuri:
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